Warehouses operating process design

WESP company has long-term positive experience in designing of the warehouse logistics. Our principles of work are based on stagewise design of automated, semi-automated or robotized warehouse operating procedure:

Sequence of our work on the warehouse project includes 4 STAGES:

STAGE 1 — Audit of the existing logistics process - Developing of initial data together with the Client. Initial data processing and analysis. Statistical investigation - Modernization proposal for existing loading-unloading, transport and warehouse operations - Evaluation of the optimum lay-out and coordination of the warehouse areas - Development of recommendations regarding warehouse lease - Analysis of pre-design solutions with consideration of several options of space planning and technological decisions - Development of a business plan for reconstruction and modernization of existing warehouse facilities - Development of a general lay-out schemes for newly constructed logistics hubs and cargo terminals - Technical and economic assessment of the options under consideration. Reasonable choice of an optimal option - Calculation of the capital expenditures payback periods in compliance with company's expected future development and freight traffics growth.

STAGE 2 — Development of technological part of the complex project of a warehouse. Technological solutions part of design documentation - Options of technology, organization, mechanization and automation of sorting systems and consolidation of cargo by orders, with application of robotics technologies, automatic loaders, warehouse and transport robots, conveyor systems.

STAGE 3 — Development of the technical scope of work for construction, electrotechnical and sanitary parts of the complex project of a warehouse with its subsequent approval by the Client and the General contractor - Development of the design assignment for the warehouse automated control system - ACS (WMS) - Staff schedule of warehouse workers and duty regulations.

STAGE 4 — Assistance in organization of RfQ procedure for supply of technological equipment - Supply and installation of all types of technological equipment - Construction supervision - Service maintenance of the technological equipment

WESP specialists can also: - help to select a proper land parcel for construction of a new logistics hub - design an alternative option of a general layout for reconstruction or construction of a warehouse complex - provide assistance in finding and renting a warehouse - help to adapt an existing or proposed technology to engineering and technical parameters of any warehouse area - our professionals carry out the expertise of warehouse projects at any design stage