Warehouse solutions

WESP company professionally develops detailed logistics design and technological design for the projects of logistics hubs and cargo terminals. Technological design part of the project includes process design calculations, determination of the most appropriate storage and handling methods, parameters and specification of warehouse, lifting and transportation equipment, technology of unloading, receipt of goods in terms of quantity and quality, inter-warehouse transportation of goods, assembly systems, process technology of loading/unloading areas. 

As distinct from other companies which offer the only and most often the most expensive option of warehouse equipment, our company develops  several elaborated options of variable complexity, level of mechanization and automation,  and project costs. Each option is supplied with technical and economic analysis allowing the Client to select the most appropriate option. 

In case of necessity, our engineers and project designers will conduct an on-site visit to any destination of Russian Federation, CIS and neighboring countries  to accomplish measurements and estimate the parameters of the warehouse.

The works accomplished have the following outcomes:

  • Several options of the conceptual design;
  • Installation drawings developed in compliance  with all the current standards and regulations, including technological equipment layout and placement of location dimensions related to the grids in accordance with  the option approved
  • technological equipment specifications with the equipment suppliers indicated;
  • explanatory note with all process design calculations (calculations of freight traffics, parameters of the reception, storage,  and delivery areas, determination of the required areas, calculations of necessary quantity of lifting and transport equipment, calculation of required number of loading and unloading gates at the warehouse, staff scheduling, etc.);
  • technical and economic feasibility with subsequent provision of appropriate proposals and recommendations;
  • design assignments for related parts of the project for other subcontractors including technical assignment for an automated warehouse management system (WMS)

All projects are being completed in compliance with current state standards, norms, rules, technical regulations, construction codes, technical specifications and requirements, sanitary, ecological, fire-prevention requirements and other standards, regulations and specifications, which ensures safe operation of the facility provided that the  procedures envisaged within the design project are met. 

* Design in compliance with Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 87  dd. the 16th February 2008 «About the scope of the design documentation sections and requirements to their contents»