Warehouse racking equipment

WESP company supply all types of storage racking equipment. Special design features of racks enable to create a wide range of racking systems of variable size and configuration  for compact  storage of any goods. 

Modern automated manufacture guarantees top quality of the following types of storage racks:

Our approach to supply of racking equipment is distinguished by application of our unique developments in the field of cargo storage, site layout  planning and rational cargo traffic in the warehouse. 

High strengths of our racks is provided by the unique structural features and modern production technology.

Top quality of the products supplied by our company is explained by practical application of the European methods of production engineering and process flow. 

Racks are designed for multilevel high-rise storage of various goods on pallets ensuring efficient warehouse  volume filling.

Racks can be installed in various warehouses of trade and industrial enterprises, large logistics hubs, hypermarkets, warehouses shops, etc. 
Compartment height of the rack can be easily adjusted due to demountable rack structure and perforated columns with perforation spacing of 50mm. Amount of compartments can be changed  along the full vertical extent of the racks.
Load bearing beams of the racks are equipped with reliable patented hooks providing high strength and stability of the system along with its fast installation and demounting.
Besides standard vertical frames and longitudinal load bearing beams, racks are equipped with large amount of additional  components and fittings (
protection guards, partitions, safety boards, footwalks, etc.) which ensure  convenient  and safe operation of racks.

Types and parameters of racks are determined in accordance with reasonable storage method, loads and types of goods to be stored. When it is necessary, racking  structures are checked for strength and stability by engineering calculations made by company's specialists.