Фронтальный/полочный стеллаж серии G50 или мезонин



Сборно-разборная ферма (спец. заказ)

Крыша - профлист или сэндвич-панель

The basis of self-supporting racks is formed by various racking structures of G50 series. Self-supporting racks or hangars represent fast-built buildings with metal frame. Metal frame of self-supporting warehouses consists of pallet racks frames fastened by  main girders. Variable enclosure walls structures and roofing element are fixed on  the  frame. Depending on the project, it might be sandwich panels, fixed glazing,  multiple glass units, sun protection structures, metal tile roofing, or profiled sheeting. Walls and roof of such buildings are fixed with bolts, screws, studs, fastening element, which speeds up construction and enables to build such structures during any season of the year. 

Application of lightweight structures decreases the cost of construction considerably. Bolted-type connections of fast-built buildings make these structures relocatable. It is easy to demount, relocate and assemble again such buildings. Small hangars can be installed on level grounds  without foundation.