Automation of the warehouse logistics processes

Owners and tenants of commercial warehouse real estate frequently think about automation of the logistics process for the purpose of perspective savings due to reduction of staff employed.

Such decision is considered as reasonable by WESP company, since payback periods of projects with automated equipment do not exceed 5 years, which is a quite acceptable result for Russian business.

We offer various logistics processes automation systems for any field of business (retail, distribution, electronic distribution, post and post service, etc.):

  • manual assembly systems: Scan2Pick, Pick2Light, Pick2Voice;
  • manual distribution systems: Scan2Sort, Put2Light, Screen2Sort, Touch2Sort;
  • automation of goods transportation: roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, etc.;
  • automation of goods sorting: oval sorters, line sorters, slide tray sorters, crossbelt sorters, hang sorters;
  • automation of goods distribution: pushers, transfer units, turning wheels, shoe sorter;
  • circulation conveyor picking systems: vertical wheel, horizontal wheel;
  • other automated peripheral systems: automatic printing of the packing list and throw-in into the shipping container, automatic boxes moulder, automated closer of shipping containers, printing and labelling devices, weighing devices, various lifting devices and elevators, volume measurement devices.

Experimental research carried out by WESP company  has shown that percentage ratio of current operating expenses of the warehouse in relation to annual running expenses is distributed as follows:

Receipt – 20%
Assembly – 55%
Storage – 15%
Expedition  – 10%

As it can be observed from the diagram, the major expenses at the warehouse correspond to assembly of  goods to orders. In the first place, automation of this particular part will allow to reduce considerably the processing costs per unit of goods.  

 Increase in staff performance, speeding up of order processing and minimization of mistakes made during picking are acknowledged to be undoubted benefits of the warehouse logistics processes automation.